Filmographie of Norbert Arnsteiner a.a.c.

The acronym of a.a.c stands for "Austrian Association of Cinematographers" a Club of Austrian Directors of Photography which we founded some 25 Years ago.

From 1972 - 1975 I stayed with the "Dr. Heinz Scheiderbauer - Film und Fernsehproduktion" in Vienna, doing my work in all relevant Departments of the Production Business. We produced docu-dramas, TV-serials, TV-documentation's, TV spots, and advertising films for political parties and organizations.
1976 I began my professional live as a free lance cameraman. Starting with the real "News Reel" staff at the Austria Wochenschau in Vienna. From then till nowadays I did approximately 300 short "News Reel Story's" - lots of them as director as well. This pieces have been made in the real manner of the good old "Filmberichterstatter = News Reel Cameraman" shot on
35mm Film with an ARRI 35 II C , the ARRI 300 Blimp and as technology advanced on an ARRI BL III. As the "Austria Wochenschau" News Reel Stuff was traditionally released to the theaters in black&white, we started in the early 80ies to shoot all our story's in color. All these library stock is available at the former "Austria Wochenschau" (now Austria Film & Video) at Vienna / Austria Siebensterngasse 19 Phone:+43 1 523 82 76.
Parallel to this work I started shooting the daily news stories for the
Austrian Broadcasting Company - ORF . Beneath that documentation's of all kind came across to be done.
At 1978 I started a very successful work for the ORF doing the main shootings for the youth magazine called "Ohne Maulkorb". Pop concerts and film-portraits of the top musicians at that time (most of them with "Turbo Twins" Rudi Dolezal and Hannes Rossacher). Political and social documentation's dealing with the problems of the young people in these days.
This stuff was shot on 16mm Film nearly all on reversal color material.
As 1980 the wind of change blew over eastern Europe I did the news coverage for American ABC News in Poland working with Charles Bierbauer (now senior White House Correspondent for
Cable News Network - CNN .Pierre Salenger (former J.F. Kennedy Press Spokesman) and Peter Jennings (London Anchorman of ABC in these days). This relationship lasted with minor interrupts till 1982.
In the following years Czechoslovakia, Romania and the USSR made their well known changes. In Czechoslovakia I was with
ITN (correspondent Nick Gowen) and American CBS (with Mr. Tom Fenton).
I did Background coverage of things going on in Romania for all mayor European and American Networks.
In-between I found always time to do creative camerawork in Vienna. TV Shows like "Showdown" (musical persiflage's on big genre films). A magician show named "Ein Abend im blauen Salon" was a successful TV show, featuring the best magicians worldwide. Promo Films for all kind of Industries and many pieces with typical Austrian issues followed the line.
1990 when Yugoslavia went down I had the hardest time in my professional career. The brutal situation of war and the first time situation of many killed journalist friends and colleagues left a deep impression and changed my perspective of covering news. I spent nearly two years working for German public television ZDF.
Apropos Film - a monthly show on
German ZDF and Austrian ORF - is a TV movie magazine which I shoot since 1992.
Some awards, for example a documentation on the Vienna International Center, and a Film about music and dance in New York honored my professional work.
In the beginning 1990'ies I had the honor to work with an all over "American Professional" - CNN food corespondent
BURT WOLF. Two 45minutes documentation's about Austrian gastronomic culture in Vienna and Salzburg and some dozen of recipes from the native kitchen. Following this success I was invited to do the same in Norway with Burt Wolf.
In the last two years I shot a TV serial named "Zwei In Österreich" - featuring local music groups and regional customs all over Austria. Video clips and sales cassettes from various ethnic Austrian music groups (like the:
Schürzenjäger) kept me busy as well.

Some productions of the last years:

ORF / ZDF since 1989 "Apropos Film" 8 Shows per year (Dimko,Hajek - Mungo Film)
ORF / ZDF Filmforum "Der österreichische Film" 60" Dokumentary (Dimko,Krill - Mungo Film)
ORF 1993 to 1995 TV serial "2 in Österreich" 14 parts 60 min. each (Peter Nagy - Interspot Film)
ORF / ZDF "20 Jahre Schürzenjäger"+ "Open Air Finkenberg"+ "Video clips" (Kiwi TV)
ORF / ZDF "Die jungen Klostertaler Open Air" + "Video clips" (Peter Nagy Kiwi TV)
ORF EFP theater production Kammerspiele Vienna "Trau` keinem über 60" (MR Film)
ORF / SAT1 Super 16 mm Second Unit "Stockinger" "Die Neue" (Beo Film)
ORF Tv serial "Die kranken Schwestern" (Werner Sobotka - Sternstunden Film)
DSF "Sketches mit den Hektikern" (Sternstunden Film)
Pro 7 "Tierisch prominent"
TVM Christmas signations 1994 - ( Filmwerk Wien )
SAT1 Austrian part of satellite program "Sat 1 Bundesliga Live" (Melchert,Kögler,Ecksel)
VOX / DSF "ITC" international touring car races EFP production (Michael Kögler - Wige TV)
ORF 16 mm Second Unit tv serial "Die Leute von St. Benedikt" (Susanne Zanke - Satel)
Antenne 2 "Uno City Wien" documentary
ORF Video clips "Crazy Moon" tv feature (Peter Patzak - Neue Studio Film)
Misfits "Electronic press kit" for "Frauen lügen nicht"
Misfits "Electronic press kit" for "Commedian Harmonists"
RTL Reemtsma kidnapping (Antonia Rados)
TM3 Portrait Margarethe Schütte Lehotzky (Maren Winter - TM3) 100 year old Austrian architect working in the resistance against Hitler. Doku "Frauenvolksbegehren", "Engel", "Frauen b.d. Zeugen Jehovas", "Portrait Wolf Wondratschek","Die Künstler von Guggung" etc.
Focus TV Pheromones, Tic Tac Toe, Hamer, Vaccination , C-Leg, etc.
ARD Frontal "Embargodeals"
NBC Ticket Helicopterskiing and Carving in Arlberg skiing resort,Friedensreich Hundertwasser and his buildings, Golden Cigarre
ORF "Lebensretter" TV magazine with Barbara Stöckl (Peter Nagy)
NHK HTTV Concert production - Mr. Norio OHGA conducting the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra
ORF "France 98" TV coverage of the world soccer cahampionship France 1998 (Melchert,Kögler)
ORF "Formula 1" TV coverage of the "GP of Austria" formular one race 1998(Melchert,Kögler)
ORF "6 Tage Fest von Hermann Nitsch" TV coverage of the "Orgien Mysterien Spieles"
Reporter (Pro7)"The murder of the empress of Austria SISI" (Viennese part of the docu)
Max TV "Julia und Katharina Stemberger" Short docu about 2 actresses (Sandra Coy)
SPIEGEL TV "Simon Wiesenthal becomes 90" Short docu about Simon Wiesenthal(M. Stoisits)
ORF "Leib und Seele" Interview Parts of docu serial (Peter Tomsen)
ORF "So werden Sieger gemacht" 45min. documentary about coming winners in ski sport (Pedro Chlanda)
ORF "Das Märchen von der Powerfrau" 45min documentary (Elfriede Hammerl, Pedro Chlanda)
ZDF 3Sat ARTE "Hirnschall gegen Hitler" docmentary about german BBC resistance radio program during WW2
ORF "Heimwerker" 45min. documentary (Pedro Chlanda)
ORF "Sportjournalisten" 45min. documentary (Pedro Chlanda)
ORF "Golf Magazin" for TW1 Satellite/Cable station every second thursday 10:35PM
ORF "Coverage of the Athens Olympic Games 2004"
PEMIERE AUSTRIA Live coverage of the Austrian "Bundesliga" (soccer)
PEMIERE AUSTRIA Live coverage of the national Austrian icehockey league
PEMIERE AUSTRIA Serial of  "Stand up Comedians" for the Austrian Kleinkunstpreis 2004
"Esso" - (Nagy) Interspot
"Sprite" - Interspot
"Vossen Frottier "
Election campaign for the Austin social democrat party SPÖ - Wega Film
Promotio movies for "AK-Arbeiterkammer" - Mungo Film
"Puntigammer Beer" - Interspot
"Ariel" (Austria Campaign) Doorstep Challenge - FFP Filmproduktion
"Ariel" (Germany Campaign with Ilona Christen) - FFP Filmproduktion
"Pedigree Pal" - In Motion Filmproduktion
"Sneakers, Mars, Bounty" - In Motion Filmproduktion
"Corega" - In Motion Filmproduktion
Julius Meinl Campaign 1 - In Motion Filmproduktion
"Pringles - Testemonials" - FFP Filmproduktion
"Black & Decker" Promo video - in Motion Filmproduktion
"BOLD" - Serial Commercial - FFP Filmproduktion
"OENB" - Euro commercials - FFP Filmproduktion
independent productions:
"Jewish culture in Vienna" 45min. Doku - Austria Film & Vide (sales cassette)
"Burgenland" 45min. Doku - Austria Film & Video (sales cassette)
"Swing Golf with Les Boland" 45min. - Interspot (sales cassette)
Promo video shareholders of the "Julius Meinl International Co." (MR Film)
"World - Dogs Exhibition Vienna" Doku 20min. (In Motion Filmproduktion)
"Patients Information video" for Vienna general hospital (MR Film)
Max Mobil (promotion show for cellular phone provider in Linz - MR Film)
AUVA "accident prevention on the construction set" (VTV)
Bergfeuer, Mürztaler,Monika Martin (Music video clips - KIWI TV)
UNISYS  "Zurück in die Zukunft" Imagevideo (KWW Filmproduction)
DOMUS PLAN Imagevideo (KWW Filmproduction)
Kunst in der Landschaft (Art Exhibition - KWW Filmproduktion)
NAG Neusiedler Papier AG "About Making Paper"
Philip Morris Stiftung - Imagefilm "PM - Forschungspreis" - KWW Filmproduktion
Making of "Wanted" - about the new feature film from Alfred Dorfer directed by Harald Sicheritz - MR Film
DOMUS PLAN Imagevideo (KWW Filmproduktion)
HANGAR 7 - Stockhausen Helicopter string Quartett - Taurus Rubens - HTTV SONY Cine Alta 900 camcorder
SOZIALBAU AG Image Film "50 Jahre, na und...."
Max Plank Institut for "Aeronomie - Sonnensystemforschung" Imagefilm

As I didn't want to make a line by line filmography the list is only a fragment but it gives an impression of my professional live till now.
Thank You for spending the time reading this.