My company - specialized to supply anyone who looks for decent professional work!

Documentaries, TV-Spots, "Promo"- Movies, Music - Video Clips, CD-ROM script development and authoring, layouts etc.

We have a lot of "Old Scool Equipment"
but we are able to produce on every standard You want.

DVW 700 WSP Digital Betacam
BVW 400P Beta SP Camcorder (with "clear scan" option)
Canon 8,5 -119mm Zoom Lens
Fujinon A15x8 BDEVM-28B Zoom Lens
Fujinon A10x4,8 BEVM-28 Super Wide Zoom Lens
Remote Servo Zoom Control
Sachtler Video 18 III Tripod
BVW 35 P Field Recorder/Player
KR-M440E Portable MII Recorder / Player
Chrosziel Matte Box 3" and 4" filterholder + manual Zoomservo
Shure FP33 Stereo Audio Mixer
SONY DCR PC 100E Mini DV Kamera with WA Konverter
Sound: Sennheiser Lavalier Mic`s, Shotgun Mic`s, SK2120-90, SK50UHF, SKM 5000UHF,EK3041U Sennheiser Wireless, Rycote Windscreen, Headphones, Fishpole, Cables ect.
Scriptboy Wireless Timecode Reader System
Sony 8044 Q (9" DC/AC Monitor, high resolution,4:3, true 16:9,PAL, NTSC, SECAM  multistandard), Battery Belt, Charger, 50 W Battery Light, Frezzi Camera Toplight, Sachtler Reporter Kit (Light 3x300W) Dedolight Masterkit 150W
DC Car Adapter Cables, AC Adapters, DC/AC Converters etc.
"In The Field" office solution (E-mail, Telefax, Data transfer -  wherever GSM mobile phone reception is possible)
LanciaVoyager Production Van